Four months ago, I posted a three-thousand-word piece entitled ‘Come Get Your N***** Lessons’ where I dove into the shortcomings of many White allies, provided my thoughts on how they can improve in their commitment to anti-racism, and examined the dichotomy between Black America’s experience of perpetual racism and the general American Lie of racism being a problem of the past that our country has been forced to reckon with under Trump’s treasonous reign.

In the article, I made the following reference to a theatre company I have worked with for over six months:

“In August, a well-meaning White castmate…

Congratulations, White America: You’re Finally Catching Up.

2020 has been emotionally and mentally exhausting for the entire country. Regardless of your political affiliation, you have been reading story after story proclaiming that American life “as we know it” is in grave peril. Stories emphasizing this election as more important than any other in modern American history. (And boy did turnout indicate that the message was heard loud and clear.)

From COVID-19 to the expansive wildfires, American citizens of all races, classes, and creeds have been handed a hellish nightmare of a year that has had many of us counting down…

The Psychological Toll of Being a Black Woman in Trump’s America

Disclaimer: I am writing this piece while sleep-deprived and cannot account for how my exhaustion may impact my writing.

Explanation: I writing this piece while sleep-deprived because I have not had a truly restful night of sleep in almost a year.

The Details: I am writing this piece while sleep-deprived because, last night, I had a nightmare that has left me with a lingering sense of unease all day. That is to say, more unease than I normally have on any given day recently.

Having nightmares has been a normal part of my life for twenty-five years. Where many adults…

Why Republicans Keep Winning

Trump/Pence on election night 2016 — Time Magazine

As November 3 draws ever closer, the primary question for Democratic and Progressive candidates is whether or not their increasingly vocal base will actually cast a ballot. It is by no means a new question — high voter turnout has been the fundamental winning strategy for Democrats for years — but staring down the barrel of what could be the country’s best chance of unseating an authoritarian president with a fanatic voter base, the question remains the single most important issue for the 2020 election.

It is a well-known fact among political scientists that the United States has one of…

Life with an Invisible Disability: Grocery Shopping Edition.

Sometimes, being kind takes so much less energy.

As someone with chronic fatigue on top of a fun cluster of various other ailments, I’ve come to approach life with a “what is less work for me” mentality.

Along that ride, I’ve learned that it usually takes much less energy to be kind to someone, to anyone, than it is to be otherwise.

I’ve also learned that most people have not learned that lesson, and I’m not sure what it would take for them to learn it.

Grocery shopping is an ordeal for me. With my Fibromyalgia and all the fun…

Note: This article written under the assumption that you have some inkling of an idea of what Fibromyalgia is. If you don’t, this is your cue for a brief google break before reading on.

One thing they don’t tell you about handling Fibromyalgia is the eating, or lack of it.

There isn’t necessarily a direct symptom that causes nausea (unless there is, because Fibro is packed full of fun random symptoms that vary from person to person), or an inability to keep food down (outside of that time my medication made me want to vomit everything I ate, thanks Lyrica)…


She/her. 25. Chronically Ill. Deathly allergic to lifestyle advice from people without Fibromyalgia. $20k in debt for my PoliSci B.S.

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